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Monday, 11 July 2011

Will's and won'ts

Hearing one of the regulars at my favourite 'boaters' pub The Anchor & Hope say 'if you tell me not to do something, it will make me want to do it all the more...' reminded me of myself. 'Strong-willed' has often been used to politely describe my belief that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.  He then jumped shirtless into the river lea at night, which might not be the best example. 

Following the yoga path is not about adopting a certain persona or slavishly living your life by a load of rules that were carved out in a different life-time. But actually its about 'walking your way'; experiencing your self, for yourself.

Will-power is a massive part of finding out who you are and sticking to it. It takes a lot more to 'dig in' and address your own issues than to keep up a pretense of being 'super-human'. I was inspired by the words of Paramahansa Yogananda this week: 'Today I will make up my mind to succeed in whatever I do. Will-power is a tremendous factor in all activities. It can start endless motions of cosmic energy.'...

And by a session John and I ran at New Horizons, Kensington & Chelsea - sound & yoga for the over 55's. These ladies and this brilliant organisation underline that fact that people shouldn't be put into neat little boxes. Encouraging them to try new and challenging things, rather than assuming a 'can't do' attitude is liberating in itself (being mindful of injuries, health conditions of course).

Setting intentions are a massive part of crystalising your will-power into a clear definition of what you really need; rather than living with a shopping list that swirls around your head, with no clue where to start.

Don't expect it all to happen overnight but write down and tuck them away in a diary or, even better, under your mat - referring back in a few months time you'll often be surprised. Don't wait around for someone else to guide you, believe in your own ability to make it happen...