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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Yoga social - Gayatri x 108

Join us at for a special Saturday evening in at gogoyoga on 7th Dec: movement & breath-work, chanting, nourishing food and great company. 

I'll be leading a shakti-freeing yoga class then the chanting of Gayatri mantra 108 times. One of the most powerful and beautiful sanskrit mantras, central to the yoga tradition, its meaning is to be experienced as much as learned. We look to goddess Gayatri (mother of the vedas) and ask for illumination. 

In traditional 'call and response' style, accompanied by harmonium, we chant as a group and absorb the healing vibrations of the mantra - i.e. you don't need to have any singing 'skills'! I am certainly not a 'signer' so I really urge people to come and give chanting a try as the effect of even sitting quietly among the group energy is quite profound. 

We start at 6pm with tea and snacks and finish with a chance to chat and share over a bowl of gogo owner Annie's amazing dahl and locally baked bread (finishing by 9pm so still time to go out for you party devis, and an early night for us hermits :)).

All levels of yoga experience are welcome - yoga equipment provided. 

gogoyoga, 59 Columbia Road, E2.
£18 early booking or £20 OTD. To book, message me with your details and we will call you to take card payment. OM x

Ali Piriamvada Gunning - I teach Akhanda and Kundalini Yoga in East London. Me and my narrow boat Bokissa are floating around near Homerton. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

kundalini summer term

After a few weeks break, classes are back on a Weds evening at the Round Chapel, Lower Clapton Road e5 - from 3rd July, 7-8.30pm. 

The theme for the next 6 weeks, is the 5 elements or expressions of Shakti: iccha (will), kriya (action), jnana (knowledge), ananda (bliss) and cit (consciousness). In its philosophy these are qualities we require or develop on the Yoga path. 

I was thinking about how each of these applies to our daily life too; how their cultivation through Yoga can allow us to live more fully or effectively. 

Week one will be iccha shakti when we'll work on our sankalapa (intention), to strengthen our will... Sometimes our circumstances or own body seem to be full of limitations which feel a world away from the concept that what we are is unlimited. Kundalini Yoga seems to be one of the most direct or powerful ways to discover this. Hope you can join. 

by Ali Gunning (Piriamvada Yoga) – I teach Akhanda and Classical Kundalini Yoga in East & North London. Home is on the waterways with my narrow boat Bokissa.