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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The exciting news...

Oh yes, its been a long and fun process to bring this special retreat together...and bookings are now open (early birds save £75!). 

Myself and the Well Garden are hosting a feast of yoga, sound and creativity in the Goan jungle this coming Feb...and you of course are invited! 10 days of dynamic yoga, yin yoga, sacred art workshops, sound baths, sweat lodges, fire chanting, nourishing food, naturopathy and Ayurveda. 

We dive into the elements around and within over the course of 10 days. Our home will be the divine Khaama Kethna near Agonda in South India.  

Come on in...See my India retreats page for all the info! 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Connection & community

I have always been a bit of a loner, typical Sagittarius - living by myself, travelling solo and, although obviously surrounded by people in classes, working very much by myself. The idea of community and collaboration can get brushed to the side when we get super busy. Cycling between classes and working evenings I often felt that fellow yoga teachers were whizzing past each other, rarely having time to meet. 

When I graduated as a yoga teacher I didn't really know anyone else who was doing this, and most of my class mates were in other corners of the world. I kind of scrambled through the transition into contacting studios, setting up my own classes, creating lesson plans - with a lot of trial and error. 

Recently I've been asked to mentor several of my students in making the transition into teaching. And this has been such a gift, to reflect on and share some of those learnings. To feel proud of their journeys as well as my own. 

Embarking on my second teacher training I gained much more of a sense of community - our Akhanda yoga family has branches throughout the world and is now growing strong roots in the UK, through brilliant trainings offered by Yog Sundari. 

Community is so vital, to share knowledge and to express what we are teaching - that external differences are just labels and we are all the same underneath. It is easy to be equanimous in lone practise but real practise is to challenge it in interaction. 

Of course community doesn't mean just sticking to 'our kind', and I have learned most in recent years from collaborating with practitioners in other fields - acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, music. What a wonderful 'job' this is to meet with others who open our minds in new ways and to offer treatment exchanges to work on our own healing and progress. 

Returning from GMT in Poland I have a new family, created around the magic circle of the gong. As the gong is relatively new I feel the opportunity to create this community in a truly open and positive way which is about collaboration rather than picking over differences or competition. There are more than enough gong-ees to go around and the more gong is out there the more people will come. 

If we are open minded, collaboration might be a single meeting which we learn so much from or it can be a long term partnership which takes us in a whole new direction. Collaboration teaches us that we don't have to do it all ourselves (despite being super yogis who are of course possible of it) and allows us to focus on what we are most connected to in this moment. 

I feel a new direction calling me as I bring together learnings from all these connections over the years. Launching 'Resonant Retreats' is an attempt to create conscious connections through yoga, gong, wholesome eating and community - to uplift the vibration of our lives. Fran is the raw food genius who is also my hairdresser, dear friend and ex yoga student. We talk for hours about juicing and cleaning up the rivers but we also have a great laugh and we hope a sense of fun, love and lightness will come through in our offerings. See retreats page for info. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rajasthan... coming up

Looking back at some old India photos with my travel companion Sarah, over curry of course, was a timely reminder of how amazing and unique Rajasthan is! 

Here are a few reasons to love it: wonderful local arts, crafts and costume (very distinct to the rest of India); vibrant markets; pink, blue and white cities rising out of the desert; majestic palaces floating on lakes, roaming around grand old forts and gazing across the desert from atop a camel! 

I'll never forget my experience of camel safari with my two cousins; brand new to India I loved to watch the awe on their faces, remembering how it felt myself to step of the plane and be immersed in colours, smells, sunshine, cars beeping and all the wonderful madness of Northern India. 

Of cooking lessons and hanging out in cafes in Pushkar. And the contrast of fresh air, green space and ornate Jain temples as we headed up into the hill station of Mount Abu. 

I'm hosting an affordable and magical retreat with yoga on a shoestring at Castle Bijapur this March. The details are here on my retreats page - a few pics below to whet your appetite! 

Om shanti 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A winter sunshine Yoga getaway - Egypt - Nov

I've been fascinated by Egypt since seeing the Tutankhamun exhibition as a kid in Edinburgh. So its always been on my list to visit - though I've never managed to drag myself away from India lately. So, getting the opportunity to host a holiday/ retreat there with Yoga on a Shoestring is a bit of dream come true...and lets face it we all need some winter sun (especially us boat-dwellers!)...

The details:

Our accommodation for the week is at the peaceful and comfortable Coral Coast Hotel - on the dramatic shoreline of the Red Sea and with rooftop Yoga shala.

Aside from our inspiring surroundings, the magic of desert, mountains & water, this will be an amazing opportunity to deepen your practise, to nurture yourself and to meet like minded Yoga folk!

we'll be located on the shore-line of the red sea

the yoga space
headstand in the dessert anyone?!

Each day our exploration of Yoga will be based around a different theme. I'll be teaching a morning session of pranayama & meditation (for the early risers), then 2 Yoga classes: a morning of dynamic, flowing Akhanda style and an evening class which will be stiller and deeper; giving you a daily balance of Shakti & Shiva, moon & sun, yin & yang. There will also be a Classical Kundalini workshop or two, mantras & sound work (just considering how to squeeze a gong into my suitcase!). And there will be the chance to practise with the desert sand between our toes, as part of a day trip with the bedouin.

In the daytime you are free to roam and explore - Mount Sinai and St Catherine's monastery are very close by and the area has tons of activities like camel riding, diving & windsurfing. Or just chill out on the beach. Average temperatures in Nov are 27C, 10 hours of sunshine!

All classes and trips are optional, should you need more time to just relax and recharge. Non Yoga partners/ friends are also welcome - reduced rates available.

Costs are:

From £325 per person including accomm, 6 x days of Yoga tuition and vegi brunch daily...
There is an option to pay in instalments if you'd like to spread the cost.
Flights are around £240 at the moment, there are many flights to Sharm el Sheikh but best to book early to secure a good price.

Please have a good read of full details about the hotel, the area & prices here:

by Ali Gunning (Piriamvada Yoga) – I teach Akhanda and Classical Kundalini Yoga in East & North London. Home is on the waterways with my narrow boat Bokissa.